The tramway of Valenciennes has chooses the ClearSy KFS SIL2

The urban area of Valenciennes is starting the third step of the deployment for its tramway network which has the particularity to have a single track section. The urban area of Valenciennes chose to integrate a solution to secure the crossing of this section by the tramway. The system should automatically trigger an emergency stop […]

Rhônexpress – Test of Automatic Stop Train KFS SIL2 (ATS – DAAT SIL2)

The KFS SIL2 system, a SIL2 certified automatic train stop mechanism (DAAT), distributed by Fersil, underwent testing by night, holding off passengers from 27th September to 1st October 2010, on Lyon’s Rhonexpress tramway. The latter is a tramway which has the characteristic of reaching a speed of 100km/hour to make the link between Lyon’s City-Centre/Saint […]

KFS SIL2 Currently being tested on the Rhonexpress, Lyon’s new tramway

Lyon’s new “Rhonexpress” tramway, is equipped with the KFS SIL2 system, an Automatic Train Stop Mechanism (ATS), currently being tested by night, holding off passengers in its SIL2 version. Lyon’s “Rhonexpress” tramway has the characteristic of having a single track on which trains will be able to reach the speed of 100km/hr in order to […]