Rhônexpress – Test of Automatic Stop Train KFS SIL2 (ATS – DAAT SIL2)


The KFS SIL2 system, a SIL2 certified automatic train stop mechanism (DAAT), distributed by Fersil, underwent testing by night, holding off passengers from 27th September to 1st October 2010, on Lyon’s Rhonexpress tramway. The latter is a tramway which has the characteristic of reaching a speed of 100km/hour to make the link between Lyon’s City-Centre/Saint Exupéry Airport in less than 30 minutes.

Due to this high speed, the group responsible for the creation of the line has decided to install a DAAT. As such it has selected the KFS SIL2 developed by ClearSy, which is in charge of automatically stopping any train that passes a shut signal. These tests were carried out by Vossloh-Cogifer, the company in charge of the signalling in this matter, on the section between the Depot/St Exupéry airport, at a speed of 10km/hr, then 100km/hr. This testing enabled the following to be checked:

  • the operational aspect of the SIL2 level DAAT equipment (onboard KFS sensor, Beacon on the KFSI track, and onboard KFS Processing Framework)
  • the compatibility and the interaction of the material used (in view of the replacement of the DAAT SILO equipment with the DAAT SIL2 equipment)
  • the setting in motion of the emergency braking in the event of passing the signal
  • the lack of wrong emergency braking
  • the communication between the various pieces of equipment: sensors, beacons and frameworks, via control of the wiring
  • the temporary inhibition function
  • the permanent inhibition function
  • the operation of the Gong

The tests were run over 5 nights and proved conclusive: the DAAT reacted positively to all the scheduled tests, thus confirming the smooth running of the system developed by ClearSy and certified by Certifer.

The bringing into service of the SIL2 system is scheduled for April 2011, with a gradual replacement of the current system (SIL0) with the SIL2 system.